Volga-Logistik LLC is equipped with the facilities to efficiently receive, handle and dispatch all ranges of goods. Our dynamic environment can be customized to accommodate a client’s specific requirements. We can provide the right mix of manpower, equipment, supervision and systems, allowing you to focus on your core business.
Volga-Logistik LLC you a partner, not simply a customer, when delivering on our promise of value-added services. Beginning with your trust in us, we call on our global network of hand-selected agents and partners to provide complete logistics service for your storage and international delivery.

Volga-Logistik LLC was established in 2012 with the aim in mind: to provide consistent, dependable and professional storage facilities, international logistics and transportation services to the maritime industry. We are staffed with experienced and dedicated individuals who take pride in the quality of their work. 

Volga-Logistik LLC provides helpful and courteous service to every client, without regard to the size of their corporation or frequency of their logistics services. We understand the importance of the logistics link in our client's supply chain, and we work hard to make that link efficient and cost-effective. 

Volga-Logistik LLC has grown into an affiliation of five companies with operating between all Russia, Netherlands and Houston port terminal.

Volga-Logistik LLC operates a fleet of modern, geared, multi-purpose, ice-class ships capable of handling a wide range of storage logistics, cargoes and ensuring safe and consistent year-round delivery. These types of vessels allow the Line to efficiently match a very different east-bound and west-bound cargo composition and reduce port turn-around times, cutting down the costs of operation to the benefit of its customers. 

Why choose us
We strive to get better, smarter and more innovative and be the best in everything we do.
We keep things simple, do the work that adds value and avoid wasting money, materials, energy or time.
Our decisions and actions are ethnical, responsible and balanced, helping to actieve environmental, economic and social wellbeing for current and future generations.
We support and value our colleagues and enjoy working together as a team in an open and honest way.